• Save trees, space, and time with our ePolicy options

ePolicy is a complimentary program which is a fast and easy way to receive your Chubb Masterpiece® policy via email. Making the world a greener place benefits all of us. ePolicy not only saves you time and space; it also ensures that you are doing your part in preserving the environment.

Enroll in ePolicy Today

For your convenience, Chubb offers ePolicy which allows you to receive your policy via secure email. 

Please Note: this service is currently available to Masterpiece policyholders at this time1. We will look to expand this service in the future to include Platinum Portfolio and Recreational Marine policyholders. 

1ePolicy is not yet available for Masterpiece yacht policies; automobile policies in Hawaii, Kentucky, New Jersey and Virginia; policies in North Carolina except for Masterpiece Excess Liability; Texas Homeowners and PAF policies expatriate; or for policies which you are billed by your insurance agent.

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