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Your best protection in the school of hard knocks.

Life can catch you unawares at times. Accidents can and do happen. A small trip can end with a huge dental and hospital bill. Wallets, valuables, and even your identity can get stolen overnight. These realities and more are reasons why Chubb has such a vast range of protection choices for you and your loved ones.

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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Company directors and officers hold immense responsibilities. And with great responsibility comes great risks. The position exposes them to litigation from a wide variety of sources – government bodies, competitors, creditors, and sometimes even their own employees. To help manage these risks, Chubb has crafted the D&O Liability Insurance.

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Life Insurance

Life is never easy with tremendous risks and unexpectedness. To prepare yourself and your family a long-term financial plan and the comprehensive protection is the desire of many of us. Whether you are on your journey to implement your accumulate plan, grow your assets or secure your wealth for the next generations, Chubb offers you range of financial protection solutions that enable you to fulfill your needs to protect and grow your health and wealth at every stage of life.

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Personal Travel Insurance

You’re looking for the perfect getaway – so why leave things to chance? A multitude of silly things can ruin an otherwise leisurely trip, but the one smart thing you can do is to get a Chubb Personal Travel Insurance. You’ll enjoy the trip with a peace of mind.

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